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IKinema Wins CGW Silver Edge Award

October, 2011

IKinema's plug-in for Maya was demonstrated and previewed at Siggraph 2011, Vancouver British Columbia. The CGW team were impressed by IKinema's technology and in recognition of this we have been awarded the Silver Edge Award.


CGW says, "As expected, there were a number of impressive technologies at the show, so selecting the CGW Silver Edge Award winners was certainly challenging. Yet, there were some offerings that stood out from the rest as having the potential of greatly impacting our industry now and in the future."


Alexandre Pechev, CEO of IKinema says "The award is really exciting news for us and this recognition is a great payoff to the team who have worked hard! Our clients and partners demand very high standards and we remain committed to delivering products to match this calibre, as well as having foresight to push the boundaries. Our aim is to aid and streamline the workflow of large and small studios alike."


IKinema clients range from Framestore, 20th Century Fox to varying sized studios and academia, and our products range from the Professional plug-in for off-line animation, to run-time middleware for game development.


One of the featured benefits is that the plug-in offers retargeting and solving from Motion Capture marker data directly in Maya, in turn reducing the need for other solutions in the pipeline. "By simplifying the pipeline, the customer significantly reduces valuable time and production cost, whilst delivering fluid and believable body motion", says Alexandre. "The marker solving capability allows the artist to set-up and scale skeletons to optimal anatomical proportions based on the marker position, delivering very realistic animation as an end result."