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Press Release

Like Maya, but wish it was real-time? Get high quality and real-time virtual production with just one click.

July, 2013
Like Maya, but wish it was real-time? Get high quality and real-time virtual production with just one click.

IKinema’s new toolset LiveAction allows real-time motion performance capture directly into Maya designed scenes. No more waiting for tedious processing and workflow.

Guilford, UK – July 22, 2013 – Innovative software developer, IKinema ( today announces the unveiling of their interactive real-time virtual production project, LiveAction at Siggraph, Anaheim.  

Aiming to merge the quality gap between previz and final cut sequences, the software will allow Performance Artists to interact with Maya designed high resolution CG environments. LiveAction is set to make the workflows between Directors, Performance and Maya Artists a streamlined, faster and more creatively instinctive process for real-time production.
Driving LiveAction’s core engine is their superior RunTime solver. Flexibility is enabled by its real-time retargeting and marker solving capabilities, and the quality rendering engine is capable of playing in real-time high resolution Maya designed scenes. 
“Converting assets for virtual production performance capture is currently a tedious process. We aim to stream-line this and make the artist in full control”, said Alexandre Pechev, CEO, IKinema. “Narrowing the gap between performance capture and final production quality is a perfect fit for us”

LiveAction is debuting at Siggraph 2013. If you'd like to learn more, then we'd love to hear from you. Make an appointment to meet IKinema at Siggraph here or come directly to Vicon's booth #711 for LiveAction demo.