IKinema Action
Get characters moving with the most
versatile and powerful solver

Harness the latest cutting edge tools for real-time post production

Customers prefer IKinema Action software for MotionBuilder and Maya projects to extract every detail from MoCap and minimize post production time for retargeting, marker solving and rigging work on face, body, fingers, humans and creatures.

One tool. All needs

"The solver proved incredibly accurate for matching the solver to actors’ motion and performance.
With IKinema we achieved as close as possible a solve to the raw performance."
Framestore London

How does IKinema Action help our customers?

|Deliver high quality motion capture solving|Transfer and retarget animation to avatars|Capture live camera work in Maya|Stream and solve from select MoCap hardware systems|Provide rigging tools, and advanced and generic IK|Action handles face, body, fingers, humans and creatures|

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