IKinema RunTime
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Images courtesy of PlatinumGames and Microsoft

Here's how

The magic happens during gameplay. RunTime's true, full-body IK solver gives 100% realism and fluidity to human, animal and multi-limbed characters.
Procedurally generate animation and see avatars dynamically react and behave to constantly evolving terrain and scenes. RunTime integrates to any pipeline.

Remember. Your project is our project.

"IKinema’s animation tools are helping us bring the dragon and creatures of Scalebound to life. The tools integration with Unreal Engine 4 has allowed us to quickly bring a heightened sense of reality to the epic battles in the game."
Jean Pierre Kellams, PlatinumGames Creative Producer

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Game footage courtesy of Tarsier

Are you a small developer on a budget?

Get IKinema RunTime for Unreal Engine 4 plus the full set of WebAnimate animation tools for only $19.99 per month

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What problematic areas are solved for our customers using RunTime?

|Foot placement|Locomotion|Look-at|Pointing of weapons|Holding different weapons|Reaching random targets|Climbing|Adjusting hands to new targets|Locking to targets|Droopy shoulders|Unresponsive spine|Rigid body

The list is endless.

Use IKinema RunTime middleware to generate animation during game play on humans and fantasy creatures.















Game footage courtesy of Mooneye Studios

You must also choose either Action for Maya or Action for MotionBuilder as a part of the package.

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