IKinema for Game developers

IKinema RunTime game middleware delivers astonishing real time animation procedurally generated during game play. Everything moves naturally so it feels real. Get the award winning run-time animation technology used by top studios for PC and mobile (late April) for just $19.99 a month!

IKinema RunTime for procedural animation during game play.

  • Reduce animation load on blend trees by animating the characters procedurally in the game

  • Increase on believability by bringing movie realism in the game

  • Make your game a block-buster

  • Design now for the next generation of game play experience

  • Animate human or fantasy creatures

  • Use the same code on high-end consoles and mobile

  • IKinema is licensed by Microsoft and Sony to assist your high-end production needs

  • IKinema is fully integrated into Unreal Engine 4, call info@ikinema.com for information


Get IKinema for Game Development now!