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Image courtesy of PlatinumGames and Microsoft

Here's how: during gameplay using IKinema RunTime

Make your human, animal and multi-limbed characters look real and fully adapted to the scene during game-play with IKinema’s true, full-body IK solver

Integrates into any pipeline to give your game an incredible boost by procedurally generating animation during game-play.


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Are you a large developer creating AAA games?

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Game footage courtesy of Tarsier

Are you a small developer on a budget?

Get IKinema RunTime for Unreal Engine 4 plus the full set of WebAnimate animation tools for only $19.99 per month

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What problems are our clients solving with IKinema RunTime games middleware?

|foot placement|locomotion|look-at|pointing of weapons|holding different weapons|

|reaching random targets|climbing|adjusting hands to new targets|locking to targets|

The list is endless - we generate animation during game play on humans or fantasy creatures















Game footage courtesy of Mooneye Studios

You must also choose either Action for Maya or Action for MotionBuilder as a part of the package.

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