IKinema Opens its Doors to Quality Animation Tools with Online Platform, WebAnimate

Import motion capture data, rig, retarget, animate and customize animation in an instant and completely in your browser; WebAnimate sits snugly beside the animator without costing a bundle 

Guildford, UK – March 25, 2013 – Leading animation and motion capture software developer, IKinema has launched WebAnimate, the latest animation platform for the browser. Rivaling competing multi $K software, WebAnimate brings Action’s professional high-end toolset used in blockbuster productions to all animators. Now, any artist and developer is able to produce the same realistic character motion by accessing the company’s robust rigging, retargeting, solving and motion capture dev technology through one online service.

Boasting a fully featured animation environment, latest developments include seamless integration between browser and toolset, new tools, manipulators and algorithms; easy handling of models, human or fantasy makes working on the fly quicker than ever before. Accessibility and portability has become paramount for seamless productivity to a project’s demands. WebAnimate resolves this by enabling total control of asset storage from local drives, network server or cloud allowing studios and individual artists to collaborate on projects globally and share files at any given time.

Alexandre Pechev, IKinema CEO comments, “WebAnimate opens the doors to all levels of artists ranging from small game developers, indie studios, animation and MoCap enthusiasts, students and hobbyists alike. Sourcing funds to integrate costly software used by larger studios is a real concern for a lot of individuals. Superior results are still required and WebAnimate’s excellent production level tools and techniques fill’s this growing gap”.

The company has seen an incredible response to WebAnimate since its beta release in 2011, and the growing fan base are set to see further quality and dynamic tools in the future.

What’s inside WebAnimate

  • Fully rewritten application with Java Script based user interface and OpenGL rendering
  • Revamped and user-friendly GUI
  • Import any model in FBX, DAE Collada and BVH
  • Quick character rigging
  • Introduce constraints, modify and animate constraints for full customization of animation and MoCap
  • Mocap cleaning, for example, plants sliding or skating feet
  • Animate constraints in IK or FK and tune parameters
  • Export FBX or BVH files to use in your game, movie or sell your animation

Price and Availability

Always with a free plan, IKinema will soon implement a budget friendly pricing model with additional advanced features. WebAnimate is now available on Windows and soon on Mac and Linux.

About IKinema

Based in the UK, IKinema™ technology provides fast full-body solving and animation, enabling animators to rig characters and stream, record and retarget motion capture data in a fraction of the time and cost of alternative solutions. IKinema radically simplifies the motion capture workflows for professional production studios and brings real-time motion editing within the reach of home users. Available as game middleware, standalone software or an online solution. IKinema customers include Framestore London, Twentieth Century Fox Pre-viz, Audiomotion Studios, Adidas, Walt Disney Animation, Luxology and other top studios and educational institutes around the globe.

Credits include: Wrath of the Titans, Clash of the Titans, Xmen: First Class, Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Products: Action, RunTime, LiveAction, WebAnimate


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