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Guitar Hero Live Rocks with IKinema Action

Deliver stunning animation from quality MoCap

Action for Maya and Action for MotionBuilder incorporates IKinema’s core rigging technology to solve motion capture data delivering stunning animation every time. Match live actor performance to virtual avatars with greater realism, and eliminate post process work by automatically resolving inaccurate data, gaps and noise. Fluid spine, neck and shoulders are easily achieved while maintaining solid lock to floor.

Fluid and natural spine, neck and shoulders

Fluid and natural spine, neck and shoulders

The amazing IKinema solver consistently creates perfectly organic spine, neck and shoulder animation. IKinema customers choose Action software for their MotionBuilder and Maya projects as it enables them to extract every detail from MoCap, no matter how subtle. Minimize post production time for retargeting, marker solving and rigging work.

Flexible MoCap setup in Motion Builder that works

Action enhances MotionBuilder by providing advanced motion capture solving capabilities. IKinema is compatible with both the Actor and the Flexible MoCap pipelines to deliver astonishing realism. With Flexible MoCap, one can use any avatar, human or non-human.

Flexible mocap setup in Motion Builder that works
Advanced retargeting for your needs

Advance your retargeting

IKinema Action incorporates various retargeting technologies for perfect transfer of animation from one rig to another. In addition to the classical FK based retargeting, Action incorporates retargeting in Task (constraint) space by discarding all FK data to achieve fluid shoulders, spine and neck. In addition, penetration limits on any constraint guarantees perfect lock to floor for minimal post work.

All creatures great and small. Solved

Customers love the IKinema full body IK solver because it considerably outperforms any other solver on the market, and continuously delivers fluid and consistent posing for all projects. The solver can handle any bone hierarchy whether human, quadruped or fantasy creature as it's not limited by the number of limbs or the amount of spine and neck bones.

IKinema solver can work on any rig, human or fantasy creatures
No need for manual work

Automatic tools means less post processing time

Eliminate tedious post process 'tidying-up' using Action's automatic tools. Action automatically filters and cleans MoCap data during real-time streaming, or run on pre-existing MoCap to deliver smooth motion. Gaps in data are automatically filled so you always expect the same quality solve, as well as automatically fixes floor penetration so characters are always locked to terrain.

Create an interchangeable pipeline for Maya

Action for Maya allows greater freedom and flexibility by allowing the user to swap between Maya, MotionBuilder and LiveAction whenever the need arises. Equipped with even more advanced solving capabilities with the combination of easy retargeting and powerful marker solving makes it both a complete and user-friendly solving pipeline.

Advanced mocap solving capabilities for Maya
Solve from rigid bodies and props

Produce fluid solve from rigid bodies and props

Even when you've motion captured the smallest set of rigid bodies and props, Action for Maya solves over the full body from this limited data. The result is incredibly fluid, natural animation.

Get Action for Maya or MotionBuilder

Click TRY to get а free 14 day evaluation of Action for Maya or Action for MotionBuilder. Action for Maya incorporates streaming interfaces for Vicon, OptiTrack and Xsens motion capture systems (Windows only). Action software is available for Professional and Academic users, and students. Available as floating or node-locked installations.

Trial Version

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You may Install and Access one copy of the Software only for the purpose of evaluation.

Without limiting the foregoing, You may not use it for competitive analysis, or commercial, professional, or other for-profit purposes.

The Trial Version may only be Installed for a fourteen (14) day evaluation period.

In addition You agree not to, and not to assist or permit another to:

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If You wish to continue the evaluation of the Software after the end of the Trial You may request an extension to the Trial (the ‘Extended Trial). Any Extended Trial will be at IKinema’s sole discretion and will be valid only if IKinema agrees in writing and You pay an appropriate monthly fee.

In order to receive your floation license, please contact IKinema Team on and provide the following information:

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What our customers say

Quantic Dream
"The results were quite amazing, actually, but the results we had were so much truer to the actual result. I could see on the video reference in the MoCap studio that every subtle move, everything would just be transferred over perfectly. Other things, like extreme posing such as touching my toes or bending backwards – or especially stunts where people roll – were always better with IKinema."
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Jan-Erik Sjövall | Animation Director | Quantic Dream
Framestore London
"The results with IKinema Action for MotionBuilder were so much better, we had no choice really. Even though we have a mass of data to reprocess, it will be worth it."
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Alan Wood | Framestore London
What our customers say
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