Image courtesy of Jordan Tannahill - Draw me close

National Theatre uses Orion in live virtual production for Tribeca Award

Image courtesy of Altspace VR

AltspaceVR spotlights new full-body capture technology - IKinema Orion

Real-time motion capture with incredible realism

IKinema Orion is а low-cost, high-quality Motion Capture system using latest hardware technology by Vive. With just 6 or 8 tracking points and minimum calibration, Orion users are able to capture stunningly realistic, full-body movements in real-time. Our clients use Orion for games, animation production, training, simulation, social VR, theatre, VR experiences and many more.

Total Immersion. Delivered

You need affordable high-quality MoCap? Orion is just for you!

Created by IKinema - the specialist in body solving, Orion is the best solution for everybody who needs great quality MoCap, but wants to keep the cost low. Orion has all the benefits of IKinema Tools such as Animation Cleaning Pipeline built-in which saves time, money and guarantee great quality data.

VR experiences taken to a new level with IKinema Orion

Using a VR headset such as Vive, motion controllers and just three new Vive Trackers, this innovative new approach can be harnessed to capture and produce the movements of a VR user while they are within a given VR experience.

IKinema and DVMobile collaborate to bring full body immersion and realism in Alice, The Virtual Play
Take your VR experience to a new level with IKinema Orion

Bring your trainings and simulations to life

With IKinema Orion professionals get the most realistic virtual training experience available and eliminate the need of expensive MoCap hardware and tracking tools. Minimize the cost for your training and simulations without compromising the quality. IKinema Orion is available for integration with your current solution.

Get one step closer to the true presence

Our Orion technology can be easily integrated to Social VR applications. With IKinema Orion you can effortlessly bring the look and feel of you to the virtual space. Achieve even more realistic animation and give your customers the solution they really need.

AltspaceVR, IKinema Orion and Broadway star, Lesli Margherita go live and virtual, 5th June at 5pm PDT

Get IKinema Orion today!

IKinema Orion contains various tools and plugins for quick integration to any pipeline. The package consists of: IKinema Orion solving engine, Unity plugin, Unreal plugin, standard avatar, demo sample motions, rigs with 6 and 8 solving points. The annual cost is just £400! One seat provides unlimited usage, free updates, upgrades and maintenance. The license is node-locked.

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What our customers say

Quantic Dream
"With Vive Tracker, we’re introducing a new toolset to both creators and consumers to build, monetize and enjoy more immersive VR experiences. IKinema’s Orion project is an effective implementation of the Tracker to enable high-end motion capture using Vive and the Vive eco-system. We see a huge runway for Tracker implementations that enable more creativity and production using VR hardware."
Daniel O’Brien | General Manager | HTC Vive
National Theatre London
"Motion capture can be not only expensive but also incredibly tricky. By developing Orion to be relatively plug and play, to use HTC trackers and to be affordable. I think IKinema have created a very democratic opportunity for people wanting to use this type of technology. It was integral to use being able to show Draw Me Close at Tribeca."
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Toby Coffey | National Theatre London
What our customers say
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