IKinema Project Orion

Incredible realism and full body mocap for VR experiences

IKinema project Orion provides full body immersion directly from VR controllers. Eliminates need for expensive MoCap hardware and tracking tools. Project Orion reads data directly from HTC Vive Trackers to drive virtual mannequins. Orion outputs in real-time and no latency full body animation. Orion works just as any other MoCap system, but without the hassle.

What our customers say

Quantic Dream
"The results were quite amazing, actually, but the results we had were so much truer to the actual result. I could see on the video reference in the MoCap studio that every subtle move, everything would just be transferred over perfectly. Other things, like extreme posing such as touching my toes or bending backwards – or especially stunts where people roll – were always better with IKinema."
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Jan-Erik Sjövall | Animation Director | Quantic Dream
Framestore London
"The results with IKinema Action for MotionBuilder were so much better, we had no choice really. Even though we have a mass of data to reprocess, it will be worth it."
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Alan Wood | Framestore London
What our customers say
You must also choose either Action for Maya or Action for MotionBuilder as a part of the package.

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