Incredible realism and full body animation directly from HTC Vive hardware

From theatre directors to games developers and enterprise, an innovative new approach to motion-capture and body-tracking is set to make waves across the creative industries, and beyond.

"With Vive Tracker, we’re introducing a new toolset to both creators and consumers to build, monetize and enjoy more immersive VR experiences. IKinema’s Orion project is an effective implementation of the Tracker to enable high-end motion capture using Vive and the Vive eco-system. We see a huge runway for Tracker implementations that enable more creativity and production using VR hardware"
Daniel O’Brien | General Manager | HTC Vive

Total Immersion. Delivered
Using a VR headset such as the HTC Vive, motion controllers and just three new Vive Trackers, Orion can be used as a high-quality, flexible and accessible motion-capture system. The same approach can be harnessed to provide virtual reality body tracking, meaning a VR user can have their movements captured and reproduced while they are within a given experience, taking immersion to new levels.

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Availability: Q2, 2017
Price: $500 per-year

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