Phoenix Labs interviewed on IKinema animation technology in début hit, Dauntless

Phoenix Labs interviewed on IKinema animation technology in début hit, Dauntless

Rising stars, Phoenix Labs reveals how IKinema's real-time full body IK solving technology delivered the complete animation solution using smarter, efficient techniques without killing quality, and allowed time to enjoy more creative hours

FARNHAM, 7 March 2017 – Integrating IKinema enabled Phoenix Labs to hit the floor running when they harnessed the real-time IK solving technology, RunTime to deliver exceptional believability in their new co-op RPG, Dauntless. The PC game is due for release in 2017.

Phoenix Labs is a growing and ambitious team with an expanse of game development experience between them; they understood it was key to have an efficient inverse kinematics solving solution as the underpin to making their game great.

"Kinema has allowed us to do things with Dauntless that we weren't sure we would be able to achieve at the beginning".
Simon Beaumont | Technical Director | Phoenix Labs

For the team, it came as a no brainer decision – IKinema was the best solution to deliver a much more engaging and exciting player experience. However, what surprised them was how much IKinema has dramatically improved development by heavily reducing time and budget blow-out, whilst still achieving the realism the game demanded.

Many man hours were saved by leveraging techniques, such as the ability for their behemoth and lizard creatures to believably navigate and negotiate in and around obstacles within their environments – using only one animation. Traditionally, it would mean generating innumerable animation graphs, as well as, very complicated ones.

"One of the really cool things with IKinema – you’re not just getting RunTime…. you’re actually getting a support team".

Phoenix Labs has leveraged IKinema in more ways than originally perceived achievable, as well as allowing their designers more time for creative freedom. So, for this studio, the only thing they’ve blown – are their minds.

IKinema RunTime for VR and Games
RunTime lets studios procedurally animate characters and multi-limbed creatures of differing proportions during gameplay. It significantly reduces animation assets whilst maintaining astonishingly believable body response to slash production time and cost. Eliminate 'invisible man syndrome’ with full-body visibility in VR. Interact with obstacles and perform tasks with incredible accuracy, all within the game-world. The technology also allows developers to use the same code to achiev the same quality animation with minimum effort and expense across multi-player, VR, consoles, PC, and mobile games. IKinema RunTime is integrated with Unreal Engine, and now available for Unreal 4.13.

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Pricing and Availability
IKinema RunTime includes the RunTime VR extension. RunTime software is available in three license pricing tiers, starting from £99. Make your choice from the IKinema website,
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IKinema RunTime middleware is a powerful generic full-body IK solver used to create convincing and realistic motion for all human and fantasy characters during game play. Characters react naturally to ever changing terrain and environments, and scale obstacles with ease. Incorporating cutting edge tools, developers consistently deliver astonishingly real animation with totally believable characters in VR and games.

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