New IKinema Action 2.0 slashes animation hours within Autodesk MotionBuilder

New IKinema Action 2.0 slashes animation hours within Autodesk MotionBuilder

New Animation Cleaning Pipeline, advanced retargeting, perfect solving, and smarter workflow takes the heat out of producing the most realistic character behaviour from motion capture data

FARNHAM, UK, 26 October 2016 – IKinema the leader in real-time inverse kinematics, announced today the release of their second instalment of their real-time post production solution, Action 2.0 for MotionBuilder, used worldwide in the development of animation projects for games, film and television.

The software solution has been fully optimised to bring more speed and efficiency to the user. Most notable is the addition of their powerful ACP (Animation Cleaning Pipeline) component, previously exclusive to IKinema’s Action for Maya toolset. The retargeting capabilities has seen a number of significant advancements, including more accurate data transferal between rigs, and the ability to utilise the IK solver instead of traditional FK (forward kinematics).

Production houses are able to slash hours of manual labour in-house or at outsource by introducing the solution at the early stages of an animation pipeline, or at any intermediate stage. By porting the full animation pipeline into Autodesk MotionBuilder, the software eliminates the need to solve tasks externally or interchange data between applications, allowing for a much more efficient workflow with simplified pipelines. Delivering superior animations directly from raw data improves overall quality and streamlines production processes. Action 2.0 supports all rig’s – generic (human), and non-generic (quadruped and fantasy) creatures of any proportion – meaning it treats all rigs without differentiation.

"Working with problematic MoCap is a considerable issue for studios. Huge amounts of hours are spent either fixing spotty data in-house, or receive unconvincing character motion from outsource companies. The options are – fix it themselves or send back – both time consuming and expensive, and eventually blows budgets out of the water. With the inclusion of ACP this whole process is heavily reduced, we’re seeing 50% – 95% time saved by our customers. Monetarily, that’s a massive return. We’re pleased that studios are able to produce stunning results with Action, and alleviate their workload in the process."
Alexandre Pechev | CEO | IKinema

Newly added ACP cleans up imperfections in MoCap data during real-time stream or at post-production to produce quality motion

Marker solving of the highest quality

– Capture even the most subtle motion nuances with natural spine, neck and shoulders solve
– Solve directly on your avatar from marker cloud data
– Directly solve captured data of humans and animals to produce amazing organic and fluid results
– Utilises real or virtual marker data sets for solving on fantasy or cartoon characters
– Direct solving removes the retargeting stage, saving effort and time

Accurate retargeting and in-depth options for best motion transfer
– Retarget for biped and quadruped characters
– Retarget in IK (task) space with no FK rotation mapping
– Selective FK retarget and FK source isolation
– In-depth matching and offsetting options per axis and per local body part
– Improved shoulder control
– Utilities to clean-up motion data efficiently
– ACP (Animation Cleaning Pipeline) for fast and reliable motion noise and jitter cleaning during real-time stream or in post
– ACP (Animation Cleaning Pipeline), fix feet and other body parts to remove sliding on obstacles and terrain

New to Action 2.0 for MotionBuilder
– Introduction of ACP: Real-time motion noise and imperfection clean saves large volume of manual labour and time
– Retargeting improvements focused on quadrupeds and disproportionate characters
– Flexible generic default marker solving settings allows the user to revert to default, apply automatically, or apply on demand
– Marker solve matching pose improvements with marker offsets locking and unlocking capability, enables fine-tuning to localised body parts
– Increased general stability and consistency when working with multiple takes

Pricing and Availability
IKinema Action 2.0 for MotionBuilder is available for Windows platform, and supports Autodesk MotionBuilder 2014 – 2017. New users can purchase individual licenses for £890.00 from the IKinema website. Annual maintenance can be purchased for £267.00 per license. Users on maintenance receive all IKinema Action for MotionBuilder software updates free of charge.


Deliver stunning animation from quality MoCap

Action for Maya and Action for MotionBuilder incorporates IKinema’s core rigging technology to solve motion capture data delivering stunning animation every time. Match live actor performance to virtual avatars with greater realism, and eliminate post process work by automatically resolving inaccurate data, gaps and noise. Fluid spine, neck and shoulders are easily achieved while maintaining solid lock to floor.

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